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Re: GORP COVID safety update


GORP attendees,


The health and safety of everyone attending GORP is our highest priority. As you may have heard, starting Monday, July 26, the city of St. Louis is requiring masks to be worn in “all indoor public places open to the general public” and strongly recommends masks be worn “outdoors or in private spaces whenever people whose vaccination status is unknown are present”.


We received the following statement from the Union Station Hotel, “What is going to be required is masks in all public space, which would be the lobby, sleeping room hallways, and restaurants. Because meeting space is considered a private rental, it is up to the individual to wear the mask.” 


Please be aware that there will be individual attendees who for a variety of legitimate reasons will not be vaccinated. Therefore, we strongly recommend that all GORP attendees wear a mask at all GORP functions. As health care professionals, we all understand the importance of limiting the spread of this extremely contagious disease. 


The residents at St. Louis University have organized an outstanding meeting. We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis later this week.


Thank you for your cooperation. 


SLU GORP organizing committee and the co-directors of GORP


Terms and Conditions

Registration will close at 11:59 PM on Monday, July 12th. Due to room availability and catering deadlines, we cannot extend our deadline past this date. Please work with your co-residents to choose the activity you wish to do on Friday – no switching activities will be allowed after you have registered.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds. There will be a $75 no-show charge for the Saturday evening banquet and a $200 total no-show charge if you register and don’t attend GORP. However, if travel restrictions preclude attending GORP, the no-show fee will be waived.